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About KuboCoin

KuboCoin is a payment processing system for effortless transfer of crypto funds into fiat or other crypto assets. To keep our tradition of transparency alive within our crypto communities, we ensured that we obtained KYD verification. Trust, honesty, and transparency explain the character of KUBO. Along with the implementation of crypto debit cards to simplify the end users experience of payment within the KUBO ecosystem, KUBO will also be implemented into an ATM network and support system. The point of sale terminal will be given through a mobile payment application provided by our partner, Aeryus. This will give you the opportunity to exchange KUBO for other crypto assets or buy/sell directly into fiat currencies.
Our actions tell the world what Kubo is and what we stand for. We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We bring respect and honesty to to our investors and our business partners and we strive to support the security and well-being of the entire Kubo community at all times. We treat all those we encounter with kindness and compassion and constantly strive to better understand and respond to the needs of our diverse community. The Kubo team has been and will continue to be completely open and honest with our community. The teams wallet information and the purpose for the funds that they hold is publically shared with the community. Our team is always happy to answer questions about the plans and progression of the Kubo project as well as inquiries about the team that is working so hard to make Kubo one of the most prominent and prestigious successes that cryptocurrency investors have seen thus far.When it comes to Kubo, only the best will do. As a team, we are working to create and engage in meaningful alliances to enhance access to services and technology that will assist in the development of new pathways to help pave the way for global adoption of digital currencies. The Kubo team works cohesively with each other to bring experience, knowledge, and advancing technology to the forefront in order to provide our community with the highest quality project and product possible. We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work.
Since 13 March 2019 Kubo is officially Verisafe approved. But what is Verisafe? VeriSafe will be the standard for scam prevention and investor protection in the blockchain industry. The VeriSafe platform will host only the highest quality ICOs, PCOs, and established projects, requiring the projects adhere to VeriSafe’s strict transparency model. Every project must go through a rigorous vetting process designed to help protect investors and provide projects with the tools needed to succeed. The VeriSafe platform will provide templated tokens for projects from various blockchain networks like TRON, NEM, Ether Classic, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, Waves, and EOS, with more options being added in the future. VeriSafe-designed Smart Contracts will ensure that funds are being used appropriately and aid in the prevention of scams. VeriSafe will add a new level of comfort to cryptocurrency and eliminate the untrustworthy businesses that continue to flood the industry. In addition, the VeriSafe platform will enable access to our rated, and VeriSafe-approved crowdsourced Human Resources, allowing companies ease of access to build a well-rounded team
Trade KUBO on these popular exchanges.

We are proud to be listed on:

TCXhub Mobile App

Buy KUBO directly with USD fiat

The TCXHUB mobile app gives you the option to buy KUBO directly with USD Fiat. It’s available for Android and iOS. About TCXHUB
TCXhub is a premier trading and financial technology company. We’ve built the best digital asset exchange by focusing on the needs of all traders new and experienced. Professional traders and digital currency experts will be impressed. New traders will see the simplicities we’ve incorporated to make their visit a positive one. We are dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure.
Apple Store

Coming begin Q2: ELO Exchange

One of the steps taken by the Kubo team was the recent purchase of an exchange formerly known as CryptoHub Exchange. CryptoHub was a small exchange that grew in popularity among the micro-cap community and quickly grew to become a fan favorite. Nevertheless, a hacking event occurred, and in response, the CEO of Kubo and four other investing partners decided to buy the exchange and its servers from the previous owners. Fernando and his partners currently have an outside cybersecurity expert running a security audit on the exchange. In addition, they also have a group of developers who are creating a new exchange application and designing a new user interface. All of these decisions serve the purpose of creating a secure and easy to use exchange for the traders of Kubo. How does this benefit Kubo? Kubo will be used as the native exchange token for the ELO exchange, similar to what BNB token is to Binance. This will provide Kubo with a major additional use-case, extra transactions on the network, more buy/sell volume, and exposure to new investors and traders. Kubo will also be paired with all listed coins on the ELO exchange. This greatly serves the growth of the community and allows Kubo to show that it can become a valuable asset to potential business prospects. Because of the added security to the exchange, the ELO exchange team is installing the proper legal framework to ensure that operations are in accordance with the law and projects being selected in the first batch of approved coins/tokens are tradeable.

Kubo new owner of TCXhub

The Kubo team was able to finalize a deal to acquire TCX Hub Exchange. With this second exchange, Kubo will serve as the native currency for both the developing ELO exchange and the recently bought TCX Hub and follow the model of other exchange tokens such as BNB and Kucoin. Alongside the growing payment options that Kubo and its partners are developing or integrating with to expand the micro payment use case that Kubo is building, being an exchange token boosts the overall exposure for the project. TCXhub will allow us to operate legally and fully compliant Exchange with the SEC within the United States. This would put us in a unique position as Kubo will push to register as a corporation and take the next level in the United States market space. In tandem with ELO, Kubo will be exposed to both domestic and foreign investors and upkeep the goal of mass adoption. Click here to read more…

Token Info

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Team Wallets

5% WALLET (6 Months Locked)
Kubo/Aeryus Foundation:
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A Roadmap with great things to come.

Below you will find our roadmap. Our roadmap is a general guideline for our developments. For that reason we use quarterly planning instead of monthly. If you have any questions about it, join our Telegram channel or send us an email at [email protected].


Core Team

On all fronts, KUBO strives to be transparent. We are proud to show everyone from our great team. They are all very motivated, creative and enthusiastic people that are working around the clock to get the best out of KUBO.

Fernando Nunez
Founder and CEO

Daniel Vasquez
Chief Information Officer

Curt Yoder
Community Manager

Ingwer Luken
Digital Team Manager

Professional Experts

Ardy vdH
Security Advisor

Conrad Lovett    
KUBO Advisor

Jillian Carroll
Content Writer

Jacob Melendez
Writer/Store Manager

Peter Leszek
KUBO Advisor

Victor Ong
Digital Content Creator

Digital Content (Junior)

Dennis vd Akker
Social Media Moderator

Social Media Moderator

Social Media Moderator

James Glenn
Social Media Moderator


KUBO is proud to be partnered with:

Download The Blackpaper

We have released our first Blackpaper v 1.0, it will explain more about the KUBO project and what we want to achieve. If you have any questions about the Blackpaper then visit our Telegram channel or email to [email protected] What is a blackpaper? In essense it is similar to a whitepaper, only a Blackpaper is ever changing with project developments and community input. When it’s final we will release it as our Whitepaper. Which be out before the end of Q1 2019.

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