The new ERC721

How to redeem KuboGold?

Welcome to the KuboGold redemption site! Here you can sign up to redeem the unique collectable Erc721 token KuboGold. KuboGold will serve as a stable asset (Similar to USDT) in our KUBO Ecosystem. As of Aug. 1st,2019, the KUBO team has open up early resigteration for community members that desire to aquire the collectable tokens prior to them being on the public marketplace. The exchange rate between KUBO and KUBOGOLD is based on the daily market price of Kubo and Gold. ALL SWAPS FROM KUBO to KUBOGOLD ARE FINAL. Minimum required to swap is ONE KuboGold token. Swap totals should amount to whole numbers ONLY. “For example, 5 KuboGolds for 26,858,390 Kubo” NO FRACTIONAL TOKEN AMOUNTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR REDEMPTION Fill in the form below for the redemption process :
This form is ONLY for the process of swapping KuboCoin for KuboGold ERC721 collectible tokens. DO NOT send KUBO from a EXCHANGE ACCOUNT OR ADDRESS. *Note: The price of Kubo and a ounce of Gold change daily, thus the exchange rate for redemption is updated every 24 hours to ensure fair swaps occur. One token of KuboGold is equal to 1/20th of a ounce of gold. **Note: All Swaps that occur for KuboGold are FINAL. A opportunity to swap Kubo Masternodes for KuboGold will be available starting November 1, 2019. ***Note: As of 8/2/2019, One KuboGold token is equal to 6,611,722 KuboCoins. To redeem one full ounce of gold in form of a GOLD ONE OUNCE PHYSICAL COIN, a total of 132,234,432 Kubo would have to be swapped.  KUBO ADDRESS TO SEND TO: 0xe4820E7Ee38270D3F9B17C3DfafE431949496BC0