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The Kubo team was able to finalize a deal to acquire TCX Hub Exchange. With this second exchange, Kubo will serve as the native currency for both the developing ELO exchange and the recently bought TCX Hub and follow the model of other exchange tokens such as BNB and Kucoin. Alongside the growing payment options that Kubo and its partners are developing or integrating with to expand the micro payment use case that Kubo is building, being an exchange token boosts the overall exposure for the project. TCXhub will allow us to operate legally and fully compliant Exchange with the SEC within the United States. This would put us in a unique position as Kubo will push to register as a corporation and take the next level in the United States market space. In tandem with ELO, Kubo will be exposed to both domestic and foreign investors and upkeep the goal of mass adoption.
About TCXhub Exchange

TCXhub is a premier trading and financial technology company. We’ve built the best digital asset exchange by focusing on the needs of professional traders and digital currency experts. We are dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure.
Our powerful live order book updates in real-time and displays buy and sell orders with live spread calculation so you can always lock in the lowest spreads and get the best deal. Our order system also automatically calculates fees and includes them in the order price so you always know that what you see is what you’ll pay. For larger orders, we offer the ability to report block trades to guarantee that the market won’t move against you before your order gets filled. Available order types for both regular and block trades include market, limit, stop, and six others.

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With the TCXhub app, owning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Kubo has never been easier. Securely buy, sell, trade, and hold your favorite cryptocurrencies with ease. Whether you are trying to make your first cryptocurrency purchase or are an avid daily trader, the TCXhub App makes your life easy. The TCXhub App is your direct secure mobile connection to the cryptocurrency exchange, 
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Setup a PIN code to create extra security to protect your funds.
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Check all your assets in one screen. See how the market is doing.
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A clean overview of the listed currencies. Choose the one you want to see. and it’s mobile app are operated by the USA based TCXhub, Inc., a premier trading and financial technology company. TCXhub has built the best digital asset exchange by focusing on the needs of professional traders and digital currency experts. New traders will see the simplicities we’ve incorporated to make their visit a positive one. We are dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure.
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In the exchange you have the option to buy digital currencies with fiat.
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Besides the standard options, you can also buy a custom amount.
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TCXhub is a consumer loving cryptocurrency exchange based on business morals, values, and ethics. Feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected]. Download the mobile phone application trough the links below
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Coin listing information

Listings for the new exchange TCXHub will be available to be purchased in either BTC or KUBO and both exchanges will be low listing fee exchanges. This is to set a new trend against the current high listing prices on Top 100 exchanges that create a high barrier of entry and cripple the growth of many projects in the market.

BTC / ETH / LTC / KUBO Markets
150 Mil Kubo or 0.25 BTC
USD / EUR** Fiat Markets ***
300 Mil Kubo
Wallet Update ***
25 Mil Kubo
Fork / Algo Swap ***
50 Mil Kubo
Kubo tokens used to pay for listings instead of BTC, will be burned from circulation and serve as a burning protocol for Kubo as requested by the community. This will introduce a new deflationary policy and over time will help in decreasing the overall supply of Kubo without forcing a mandatory burn event or causing a panic on the side of the community of investors. As continual development on Kubo’s various use cases occurs and increasing demand for the token by existing and new investors pours in, the ideal result is an increase in overall market price and market cap valuation gradually over the life of the project. Currently, the available markets for trading on TCX Hub are BTC, ETH, LTC, KUBO, and a true USD fiat market that is restricted to US residents that have passed the KYC verification process. *** Only Kubo can be used to acquire any fiat pairing currently listed or will be listed in the future of TCXhub. Also, all updates and forks for projects listed will need to pay for changes in Kubo tokens. These tokens will also be burn in the same fashion listings fees are burn when paid for in Kubo. ** EUR Fiat market will be added at a later date. It is possible to pre-pay for it, as soon as it’s ready you will be auto added to the market.
TCXHUB Roadmap